Do you go back to games?

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Do you go back to games?

ViestiKirjoittaja JoeClark » 27 Syys 2017, 10:46

Hi All.

Was talking with a friend and he told me that he'd recently bought Shantae Half Genie Hero on the PS4 because it had been on sale. He was planning on playing it in the near future and as always seeking out that sweet sweet platinum trophy. In talking about the game's trophies I was reviewing the achievements I have for the game on Steam and noticed that there was a few new ones added for an, at the time of writing, unreleased update for the game. Having seen that I am now planning to redownload the game and jump back in to play the updated content.

That was a bit of a walk, but my question: do you go back to games after they've released an update? Do you only return if it's a content update rather than a bug fix or QoL update? Are there certain games or types of games you are more inclined to return to after an update? Or once you hit the end credits are you done with a game and can't be bothered to return?

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