Micro usb cable issue

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Micro usb cable issue

ViestiKirjoittaja JoeClark » 07 Joulu 2017, 13:21

Hello guys

initially I was using an lg micro usb cable with USAMS car charger and it was functioning well for more than a year before it started giving issues. Every 2 minutes the phone will lose connection and reconnect. I thought the cable had given up and used a samsung cable with the aforesaid charger. Things were going fine for around 2 weeks and this cable also started disconnecting and reconnecting.

I keep the cables in my car. Is the heat responsible for damaging the cables ?. Because both these cables were used in my house without any issues and only after using these in my car wherein I kept those cables, the cables give such issue. This is the second car charger of the same brand as the first one got stolen. I think the cables can't withstand the heat inside the car.
Please advise me guys. Is there anyone in the same boat?.


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References : https://techenclave.com/community/threa ... ue.179976/

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